la dolce vita.


3 bevs, 2 orange slices and a ciggy.

Yes people, I am working PART TIME at a restaurant again.. This is totally different though, I swear.. It's Korean..Yeah I'm being facetious, here I am again at a motherluvin asian joint.. Kinda funny though, I always end up working in these places, which further cements my belief that I am secretly crasian. I don't mind so much, the owner is a pal of mine and I'm having a pretty rad time wiping the floor with his sorry staff. For now its fun, when it gets boring (which it probably will, we all know how I operate) I'll leave. Go work at a nail salon or somethin. Anyways, I'm just sitting in the restaurant, it's completely empty, has been since we opened. It is 80 degrees here in good ol' B-land. I don't really give 2 shits,I get to geek out on the Internet, get payed some sweet dough under the table, blast some jams and see how many different beverages I can manage to consume in 5 hours. So far we have a diet coke, a bottle of water, a ginger ale, waiting on a sweet french press as I write this and thinkin about some grapefruit juice. We have really great dishes and cups which thrills me to no end. I get all worked up about brewing my tiny little french press and drinking it out of my adorable little cup with matching saucer. Not to mention one of my fellow asianites just hooked up some hella tight orange slices in a sleek little bowl. Windows open, warm sunny breeze ruffling my rat tail (yup totally growin that shit, can we talk about fucking sweetness? oh and getting steps shaved in next week from my pal ed over at hair metal,double fuckin sweetness) ahh the simple pleasures, is there anything more alluring in life? I think not. Except maybe pizza... hmmm.


Let the good times roll..

Tonight!!! Tokyo police club, if your not there your sleepin,or your a sucker and don't live here.. Either way nany nany!! I'm so there in 1 hour.. They sold out the bowery last night, got 10,000 new hits on there myspace yesterday and I have the pleasure of seeing them in a tiny little venue blocks from my house tonight! FOR FREE!!! love it.. I have also included a few gems from last nights black betty outing, I think I'm changing my words to I heart BROOKLYN.. So much love...


oh my god, I am in love.

I found her!!! All mine!!!! Right, I'm sure some of you have heard of her and probably love her as much as I do. Laura Marling.. The sweet British accent (that somehow doesn't annoy me when she sings, usually that bugs me) 18 years old, beautiful and insanely talented. Her debut album "alas I cannot swim" produced by Noah and the Whale band mate, Charlie Fink, is a riveting collection of haunting vocals, tender acoustics and even a trumpet here and there. This little darlin is definitely on a righteous path to greatness as long as she doesn't let the fucktards in the industry change her style and screw with her mind. Did I mention she designed her own album? It comes with postcards, trinkets and if you bought it before March you would have received tickets to her march shows.. Lucky you! I just found her yesterday and you better believe I'm walkin my ass down to the record store on Bedford in about an hour to pick that awesomeness up! It's not very often I actually buy an album, but this is my kind of packaging. Check out the videos. Do yourself a favor and jump on this tip, totally gonna blow up. Oh, and just for shits and giggles how about a little about a little bit of this!!


Another new life = Another soundtrack to my life.

busy busy busy... Finally getting my drive back. 2 jobs and counting. Met a producer from MTV at Beatrice last night, we talked for quite some time. She was actually really rad. She said they are looking for something "fresh" going into the office next week to chat. I'm crossing my fingers for a guest spot on the hills.... PHYCHE. Who knows what could happen, maybe I could end up getting a sweet job as a VJ and patronize Jessica Simpson on national television, now that, would be F-ing amazing. Got to hit up print magazine's top 20 designers under 30 party last night, rad. Not a whole lot of info on the designers but I did see some props for a MN designer, that was nice. The only thing I still give pounds to the twin cities for, amazingly creative people. Who by the way need to get their asses out of that hellhole. hehe.. Then it was off to Sweet paradise for a couple ( not for me though, yesterday was the first day of my three day detox/fast, a round of waters on me!) then we skedaddled over to the upstairs of the inn for my Thursday night party. Derek, I think we had a pretty good one. Next week should be better, bringing my new pal G.Love aka Garett to DJ, I'm excited to hear what he plays considering what his music sounds like.. NO GRASSROOTS OR ANY OF THAT SHIT!! I AINT PLAYIN WITH YOU HONKEY! Over to plumm for a quick hello, then to B. Not a bad night.. The dreams about donuts were kind of rough but, only 2 more days!!! I think this post calls for a little awesomeness, I'm dedicating "eye of the tiger" to myself, I basically had pizza and shots of patron waved in my face all night. GOING FOR THE GOLD, YOU PEOPLE CAN'T PHASE ME!!!!!!!!! Oh before I forget, the new way to give pounds to someone (now this is really awesome), look them dead in the eye, proceed to give the dap, and with a completely straight face say "powerhouse." Hell yeah, that shit is hardcore...


Dude, fucking feeling this shit..

New city, new identity? I have felt like I've been going through a serious identity crisis for the past 4 months. The upheaval of leaving everything so boring, yet comfortable and familiar has left me in a state of constant shock and awe. Actually I'm enjoying every single uncomfortable, awkward second! I've learned more about my self and what I am capable of in these last months, then I have in 24 years. I might just uproot myself and move to a new city every 6 months just to keep on point. Anyways if you don't know, I have become a part of the GBH "family" here in NY, basically a network of promoters ranging from teensy parties to full on balls to the wall shows, (aka, Radiohead this summer). Trying to get my foot in the door to booking acts, so I have been paying some serious attention to music lately. I'm still far behind, but I found this gem a couple of weeks ago and thought, what the hell, I will share this with the 2.5 people who actually still read this piece of crap blog. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do, and Tucker I'm sure you already know every obscure fact about this band, just pretend for a second that I found something on my own!


the wifi is up and running!

Finally after months of sketchiness I am back in business. Having wifi again makes the ordeal of moving to a new city and getting comfortable a lot easier. Hosting a Russian gangster party tonight so I gotta go get my Natasha ensemble on, so this will be brief. A few moments in (finally) my city... Maybe I will find my Boris tonight...


greenwich village? more like sandwich village!

So I have been spending a good amount of time in Chelsea, for personal reasons and business.. Actually last night I promoted my first party in NY! It was a little rocky but I wouldn't have expected any less.. First time here, things will be better next time guys promise! Anyhooo so I have been frequenting a little joint in Chelsea called Beatrice. Perhaps you have heard of it? If not your totally sleeping, apparently it's the new bungalow 8 or some shit. Its a tiny little lounge in the basement of an apartment building. No fucking joke man, this place probably spent about 2 bucks at goodwill decorating the whole shebang, but guess what? This dive is absolutely TEAMING with celebrities, models, designers and pretty much any other "cool" occupation you can dream of. Case in point, the first night I was there I bumped into a little duo you may have heard of? Proenza Schouler ring a bell? oh and a bunch of whoever elses but my absolute favorite spotting was last night.. Oh god, I gave myself like 38 high fives and punched my balls off no less then 700 times!!! ok are you ready? MICKEY ROURKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh yes, there he was, next to my table in all of his bloated rhinoplasty glory! It was AMAZING how fucked up this dude looked! the name Bloated fish corpse has definitely been passed on to this guy, if you can even call him that anymore, I would not be surprised if he was really just a rubber colostomy bag full of meth, oreos and smirnoff. I considered introducing myself, but changed my mind thinking I might be wrong about him being Mickey Rourke, it could have just as easily been Jabba da hut. Regardless he stands at my #1 fav. Stay tuned....


dude I love ghb... oh wait.

You know what is super fun in Miami? Getting drugged at a club you didn't even want to go to in the first place with people you really don't want to be with. But alas, we all end up in situations we never in a million years expected to "happen to me/us!!" Its almost like you can never really not expect things to happen, yet another lesson I have and am continuing to learn in the past 6 months of life changing experiences. I think if you get right down to the basics, people are always trying to take something from you, especially if you don't want to give it. All I have to say to the motherfucker(s) who did this to me is your lucky I don't know who you are, because almost having a seizure and going into a coma would seem like a picnic in the park compared to what I would do to you. All I can say is so it goes and if you ever come here COVER YOUR FUCKING DRINK, DO NOT SET IT DOWN. EVEN FOR 1 SECOND and YOU DON'T REALLY KNOW MIAMI ASSHOLES, EVER. Better yet, don't even bother coming here around spring break and wmc, you know all those douche bags that you hate in your own city? They just congregate in places like this and, if you can even imagine, are 10 times more douchey then usual. Peace out Miami. Kiss my fucking ass.