la dolce vita.


Stone cold fox

Ms. Lara Stone... You take my breath away.. Once in awhile in the world of fashion, a girl arrives that knocks me off my feet. Sometimes it takes awhile for the obsession to set in, other times I see one photo and I am hooked. It sounds slightly obsessive, but I have no excuse. I find that women can be the most beautiful and interesting things on the earth. I become completely awe struck. I have been this way since I started reading fashion magazines when I was 11 years old. Models have always inspired me. Usually I develop this deep fascination with what a lot of normal people might call "the oddball". Cue Lara Stone. Born in Berlin, 23 years old, (bless her "elderly" model heart, I am 23 and in this business it takes a lot to make it this late) and absolutely gorgeous. She has this bone structure, I swear is carved out of marble. One of the most intense stares I have ever seen a model wear down the runway and a quirky, slightly cold smile. Being Dubbed "the anti-model" just makes her that much more appealing and since she walked 26 runways this fall/winter ready to wear, I am pretty sure a good amount of the industry tends to agree with me.

The best part of this ongoing obsession? Nobody is ever going to put her on the cover of Maxim. No beer chugging, white hat wearing, chauvinist pig jock, is EVER, ever, going to sit and sweat all over her photos. I like the feeling that she will never be exploited to the demographic of people I absolutely can not stand. Its kind of like loving a band that you know will never have a song on the radio. Or buying a vintage dress that you know some skank in Eden Prairie won't be sporting on a Saturday night at the Drink in uptown. (More on that in a future post). It is almost something sacred. No mass appeal. Terrific. Just the way everything should be. If the sheep follow something, I don't want anything to do with it.


It's bbbaaaaaccckkkk...

Observe the crotch bucket in it's natural habitat. Cunning, graceful and dangerous. A true predator by nature, it takes down it's pray in one swift, simple, agile movement. This long thought extinct creature has been spotted in a N.E Minneapolis photography studio. Someone caught a brief, but everlasting glance at this stunning beast and immediately phoned in a tip to local and national media. Said person wishes to remain anonymous until the facts have been confirmed, but the one woman team over here at Ledare decided the breaking news was just to thrilling to postpone until all the angles are covered. We hope to get another chance to walk amongst the crotch buckets in this lifetime. Its up to us, if the rumors are true, to welcome this rare beauty back amongst the human race and nurture it back into existence. I urge you all to support your local crotch bucket charity. Remember, it only takes one to make a difference.


D.C ice = Genius

Let me just tell you about this lovely lady I know named Dawn Candace. She did the little ditty of a drawing I have displayed at the bottom and this elephante. This women is some kind of wonderful. Every time I see something she has created, I fall in love all over again. There is something so dreamy and dark about her art it puts me into some sort of euphoric trance, I swear. You should too, if you don't I will find you and punch you in the money bags. I've got this chic's back like whoa. Believe that.


Hard at work. FOREVER.

If anyone actually even reads this thing anymore I guess I should come up with a list of excuses as to why I haven't posted in, oh I don't know, 16 years maybe? Well I do have a pretty solid excuse. I am coming up with a master plan to take over the galaxy. The galaxy being the twin cities. I have been hard at work researching my ass off coming up with the most ingenius business plan of all time. Well at least thats what we hope it will be. I think I am done working, actually I know I am done working shitty shit hole jobs for scraps. Done and done. So over it. Oh and if anyone out there wants work in a lunatic asylum with absolutely no structure what so ever, there is an opening at pepitos. I QUIT! Last night. Those people are insane. I have no idea how they managed to even get this far. But I do know they won't be taking me in a downward spiral to hell anymore.