la dolce vita.


oh my god, I am in love.

I found her!!! All mine!!!! Right, I'm sure some of you have heard of her and probably love her as much as I do. Laura Marling.. The sweet British accent (that somehow doesn't annoy me when she sings, usually that bugs me) 18 years old, beautiful and insanely talented. Her debut album "alas I cannot swim" produced by Noah and the Whale band mate, Charlie Fink, is a riveting collection of haunting vocals, tender acoustics and even a trumpet here and there. This little darlin is definitely on a righteous path to greatness as long as she doesn't let the fucktards in the industry change her style and screw with her mind. Did I mention she designed her own album? It comes with postcards, trinkets and if you bought it before March you would have received tickets to her march shows.. Lucky you! I just found her yesterday and you better believe I'm walkin my ass down to the record store on Bedford in about an hour to pick that awesomeness up! It's not very often I actually buy an album, but this is my kind of packaging. Check out the videos. Do yourself a favor and jump on this tip, totally gonna blow up. Oh, and just for shits and giggles how about a little about a little bit of this!!

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typoscura said...

totally fuckin stellar all the way like what like whoa. Thank you for the youtube links. very proper...very.