la dolce vita.


This is how we roll, son!

Yeah bitch. This is Brooklyn. We don't fock ahround. Yo, does it seem like 2 chics are missin? Missin out homies.


Got a touch of the duunes or somethin?

You know I'm pretty sick of trying to convince some apparently mildly retaaded folks to move out of their safety nest. They are some of the most intelligent, creative dumbass motherfuckers I know, but yet they stick around some cramped scene like Minneapolis, claimin "oh we like it here." and, "oh, its on the come up." Guess what playa's, it's NEVER gonna be a mecca of opportunity like NYC or the stank armpit of the u.s.a, Los Assoles, I mean angeles, actually, no, I do mean assoles. Heres a little word to the wise. Everything you want out of your life is HERE. Just do it already. There is never going to be a perfect time, you are never going to feel completely safe leaving your tiny world, your never going to really have enough money to do it. But, that is part of the fun. The struggle, the pain of leaving the familiar to venture and the free fall into god knows what, are good for the soul. Yeah your gonna miss the hell out of some people and places, yeah your probably going to spend some nights crying, asking yourself what the hell your doing, you might even completely regret it, BUT, you will know you did it, YOU had the courage to follow a dream and expand your horizons. The sense of accomplishment is incomprehensible. Guess what happens then? You realize that you can adapt, grow, change and be a better person for it. I mean what is really the worst thing that could possibly happen? You hate it? You lose a bunch of dough? Hey, more then likely you didn't have any dough to begin with, cause you are working somewhere way beneath your skill and talent level, (Minnesota only offers so much folks, sorry, it is true, except it or not) or you hate it, then you go back home. Big freakin whoop. But at least you took a chance, you will always have that. When your shitting your depends in your old age, you can look back, smile and think to yourself, I was one bad ass motherfucker. I did that shit! I didn't let life pass me by as I stayed in the same place, no no! I took a risk, I have no regrets. As for the people this is aimed at, (you know who you are) I've known you all for long enough to know, without a doubt, you will regret it if you don't hightail it to a place that will light a fire under your ass and challenge the hell out of you. I only hang with soldjas, so start acting like one. Like yesterday. Seriously.


Can't wait till Sunday..

Ahhh the good ol' b.b.c.. Last Sunday was a bust, I think we all had a loooong weekend.. We will be back in full effect this sunday though. Fo sho. Peep the blackberry wars from the sunday before last. I'm telling you, never get one of these things, they are super glued to your hand at all times. Good forbid they make a waterproof one, people will take them in the shower, guaranteed. They don't call them crackberries for no reason. Props to Claire for bringing her digi, I'll come through next time. See you all soon. Let's do somewhere with breakfast burritos this Sunday..


Nicky Digital, always taking some digis.

This dude thinks he can take better photos then me, with his fancy camera and frenchy stache. He is totally right. Not to mention he always gives me little buttons, I like those.. Here is proper phototage of the GBH 10 year anniversary party. Peep him in all of his righteous glory here.. One thing though nickeroo, can you please catch me doing something pretty next time? I look like an autistic floozy in your photos.. Love ya! Hey Ash, peep the real rat tail. Yeah. This is WAR..



One night of mstrkrft, L.A riots, grand master flash and does it offend you, yeah? My lovely friends at gbh hooked it up proper once again. Thanks playas. Another night at Delmano full of flights of fancy, late night bike rides to the deli and all around schnenagans. I swear I will never get sick of that place! I think we may have had a David Cross sighting there, no one is sure though.. I think it was him, is it, it's gotta be, wait no, wait yes, wait... It wouldn't be to far off it was, Agyness Deyn, Jude Law and other celebfreaks have been known to make an appearance.. I'm gonna hang out all night every night waiting for Judey to appear again..


Why are these dudes the illest?

Flight of the Choncords..Best new addition to my life. If you haven't seen this show or heard this rad music you are sooooooooo snoozin!


one last thing...

Stuff I'm sooo loving right now..

This list is in no particular order of interest. Frankly I don't really want to take the time to explain all of it. I've got some charity event to go to and I've gotta go buy a dress. Apparently to fight hunger for children you have to eat a lot of food from expensive restaurants and you can not be wearing black while doing it. I know, it makes perfect sense. Taste of the nation fights hunger, by feeding a bunch of rich people food they can already afford and oppresses black clothing, it is all for the hungry kids!!!! Whatever, it's going to be delicious and hilarious. Seeing as though I have a mowhawk complete with rat tail and steps. No black clothes rule this year, no funny haircuts next time? Anyways on to the goods. I love my friends. I hate Paris Hilton, apparently so does the whole world. B.B.C (2 of us) biked to Lucky Chan's for some antics sunday night. Cloud cult rules. This photo of a dude pissing actually happened, my good friend Claire witnessed it. Get this, these 2 guido's pulled up outside of Antik at like 2 am, 1 jumped out proceeded to kick over a garbage can, pissed on it, all the while the other one in the car was burning rubber and bumping some shitty rap music.. What I would have given to see it in real life.. My god, I could have died and been happy.. Some sweet style photos and ummm.. I dunno. I think that's it for now.. I'm gonna go get fat in the name of fighting hunger for children!! Maybe M.J will be there fighting hunger by wearing a sweet prosthetic nose and grabbing his crotch alot, that would be just as helpful.


More funny for your friday!

Holy shit. You thought it couldn't get better and POOF like magic, it does. This is for the MN homeslices.


I command Tuesday nights.

Spent a few hours at Delmano last night with some fast becoming good friends. Pleasant company, amazing cocktails,candlelight and a new (to me) black and neon green bike locked up outside. What a utopian night. Yes, a few things or people were missing, either they are sick, in a different state or straight blowing it, either way I was most appeased with my evening. I think Delmano is my new muse. Next to Edie of course. I'm living the dream,(my dream), one day and night at a time. Oh and checkout this puppy, I was totally gonna steal that little darlin. Next time little buddy..


The life aquatic with booze?!

I found it, the dream boat, literally. A new bar in Williamsburg that has captured the true spirit of underwater adventures and class. The beer cooler behind the bar has portholes for god's sakes.. I am truly in love.if your Looking for me on a week night, I will be lounging at this bar, sipping a commandment cocktail, bathed in candle light and smoking a french cigarette, unlit of course..



DUDE THIS IS SOOOOO GOING ON MY BIRTHDAY WISH LIST!!! You guys better start saving!!

I don't feel so alive tonight.

It takes a lot to make you cry and I will,I will.I hope this song breaks your heart the way it breaks mine. Possibly the most beautiful song I have heard this year.. I hope you have a box of tissues when you watch this. I'm gonna go ahead and dedicate this to all of the people who went through hell and back this year. Keep on keepin on guys, I will do the same.


Let the photos do the talking.

Dude I miss my friends. A lot. This post was just going to be a collage of stuff and before I knew what was happening all the stuff I was pulling up was photos of the people in my life, some past, most present and maybe 1 future.. I teared up a little and decided to stop at this. There is so much more.. So many people I love or really like in this world. Thanks guys for being a part of my life and making memories with me. It's not about where you are or how much money you have, it's the people your with. Love you all. Thinking of you always.