la dolce vita.


marry me, like yesterday.

Yes Finn Vine of White rose movement, yes I will.

Keep up.

Over here at Ledare we are well aware that we haven't been "bringing it" so to speak, with the hotness as much as we would like. After mulling over it for awhile, we have decided to blast the hell out of you fine folks at home for the next couple of weeks with more awesomeness then you can possibly imagine. Bust out your moleskin's, it's time to take some notes.


My friend.

Inspires me to no extent. If only we were all as lucky to not only be a supremely gifted professional artist; but also beautiful inside and out. I feel incredibly blessed to get the occasional chance to watch him work and beginning next week actually get the rare experience of sitting for him. Props to you my dear friend, you make the world a little bit brighter.


Holy shit.

The new fucking love of my life, the ultrasone dj1 headphones. You have not heard music without these puppies. For real. Best birthday present EVER.



Fucking awesome, soooo weird. I love this boy.



This just goes to show that really anyone can become famous, the more annoying the better. This shit has been in my head ever since someone poisoned my mind with it, like a curse. Proceed with caution..


Hit bottom to climb out, repeat.

When I was young lying in the grass.
I felt so safe in a warming bath
of sunlight, of sunlight.
Vast open sky could do no harm.
I can embrace the weather's arms.
In sunlight, in sunlight.
In sunlight, in sunlight.

With every year that came to pass.
More clouds appeared, the sky went black.
And there was no sunlight, no sunlight.
And there was no sunlight, no sunlight.

It disappeared with the same speed.
With idealistic timing the optimist died inside of me.

No sunlight, no sunlight.
No sunlight, no sunlight.

It disappeared with the same speed.
With idealistic timing the optimist died inside of me.


Mama I'm comin home.

Hey straight up true homeslices, I'm a comin.. this Wednesday for 2 weeks. I've got a serious case of get the eff out of new york or perish right now. I can not wait to step off of that plane and breathe in some sweet unpolluted minnesotan air. Now I know what your thinking, "oh sure, she says that now but she will be here for 2 days and start bitching about wanting to go home.." I assure you that will not be the case this time, I am beyond hyped to come back to where it all started, and as much as I hate to admit it, I'm starting to have some Minneapolis pride. I have bonded with many a Midwesterner on such topics as; People here are assholes, People here are vultures, People have no soul, People here have worse accents then us, do you remember trees, I do.. Do you remember when it didn't cost you 6 bucks for a box of cheez-its, I do.. Do you remember only ever seeing rats in pet stores instead of buffalo sized vermin chasing you onto the subway like 3 times a week, I do..

These conversations can go on and on, and then we get all nostalgic and teary eyed, huggin and goin on about how nobody has a bond like us uprooted middle americans and we gotta stick together cause these New Yorkers don't know nothin about manners or bone chilling cold. Yup, it happens, but then we just go back to being as heartless and bitchy as every other stuck up person who lives here. So it goes...