la dolce vita.



I do. I have. I will... This is all.


Millions billions

Did a little dancing last night at the Kitty Kat club with my dancing peeps. It was pretty sweet except for the attempted abduction and the waiting 45 minutes for a cab to come. I know my latest posts have been mundane, but I have been zoning out for the past 2 weeks. Hopefully we will be getting back on track here soon. Stay tuned for actual informational interesting posts in the near future. This music video I shot might cheer you up and redeem this experience.


Merry freakin christmas!

Woke up this morning and looked out the window to see fresh snow. Finally it clicked that Christmas is in like 2 days. I have been so busy I haven't even thought about it. i suddenly had the urge to listen to some Charlie Brown christmas music so I went on itunes to download said album. What happened next is painful to even talk about but I sopose I have to except it.. Plugged in the good ol ipod and it immediately crashed.. I lost close to 2000 songs.. Shed a tear for lost music. At least I got to listen to Charlie Brown Christmas music at work.. Oh well. Whatcha gonna do. Happy holidays.


ahh paradise..

Cape town... Beautiful, tropical, exotic and hopefully my future home.. Keep your fingers crossed people. Safaris, surfing, mountain climbing, anyone? After Miami this could be it. Why live in a hellhole when you could live in heaven?


Another night another... Party?

During the holiday season, I like most of you I would guess, end up at more social gatherings then usual.. Tonight was no exception.. The view, Babalu and BUNKERS? (Wha?) Either way I ended up having a terrific time oh and if you wanna book me for this time next year, I will be in Capetown, SOUTH AFRICA. PEACE THE FUCK OUT.


Real deal holyfield.

"All that we are is a result of what we have thought.''


Durka durka all night long.

Yes there was some serious dancing and some sort of dance line was formed, I managed to get shoved in.

Good party dude. Mike I mean " BBBAAATTTCCCHHH!"

Thats not him but my old buddy Drew was woeking on this throughout the night. I hate you, your really freaking talented.

Saw this chick, had a few laughs, well more then a few.

Dude I told you this chick is crazy.

Then this dude says "oh I cant come to your going away party, I am going to be too busy in LONDON." Yeah whateves, see ya in Maz sucker.

The more he drinks the more he sounds like he is from south boston, I am on to you man, I mean Matt Damon. Speaking of which..

Saw this lady too. She always looks so cute!
Courtney always has a smile for everybody, you should check it out.

8pm until 5am.. Not really my usual gig but every now and then you gotta shake it up a little right? Besides I wanted to see if I could keep up with miss Ryan for one night, I thought I blew her out of the water until at 5am when I was dropping off the peeps she turns to me and says "you wanna come in for awhile?" Whoa, this chick is hard core.


Turtle party and my man

Dude I totally thought your guac was some fucked up lettuce for like 15 minutes, I kept looking at it thinking "that shit looks raunchy, I wonder if he is gonna eat it." Then I took this photo and thought this is what you would like like if it would have been lettuce and not guac. ANYWAYS.......

I am not sure whats up with this turtle party we witnessed but I am assuming it has something to do with that prince photo in all the trash mags like 2 months ago where he was floating off that airplane with the flip flops and socks and eyes wide shut sex rituals.

My little dude knows how to spoon like a mo fo. Nuf said.


Learning to give a little and hotdogs.

Ray Johnson and generosity. Do these topics have anything common? Probably not, but they have been on my mind for a while now. I could go in to great detail about them both but for the sake of time, I will keep it brief and let the photos do the speaking for me. Ray once hired a helicopter to fly over Rikers island so he could drop 60 foot long hot dogs out of it, he had been drawing feet for sometime and some how managed to link the two, the people on the ground actually ate them and he sent the bill for the wiener's and the helicopter to his art dealer. Makes you smile doesn't it? If you are reading this blog I will assume that your not standing out in the cold begging for change or sleeping in a doorway starving to death. In that case why don't you donate a little time, money or food to someone who is? We all have a whole lot more then we really need so why don't we give a little to someone who has nothing. Forget the judgement you feel in your heart and learn to give freely, no questions asked, I promise you won't remember that dollar bill you handed the homeless man on the corner, but you might remember the smile and genuine gratuity that he gave you in return.


a pissed off nerd waving a white flag and some chics.

Yeah I like country music. Supreeze! I also enjoy self transformation in all respects. "the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." "Every moment is another chance to turn it all around." Maybe I will start some kind of cable access show entitled "the emotional ramblings of a lunatic woman." Or maybe I could just write a book with a lot of "-----------." in it. Either way it's probably all bullshit, but in the words of the elusive Tyler Gerrick, "I'll do what I want."

Identity theft, vogue magazine, and buying too many shoes, in other words, a long, long post.

Monday; 6:30 AM I kicked off this 2 day heaven and hell field trip. Life is, (as I perceive it anyways), all about balance and learning. You need to experience the terrible to appreciate the good, the sweet and the sour, some people need to learn things the hard way, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and all that blahblahblah truth stuff. I had a photo shoot for a juut/aveda campaign on Monday that was supposed to last for 3 hours, but went for 8, I was exhausted from only sleeping for about 2 hours the previous night and extremely irritable and as some people at the shoot might say "had a tude." But my best friend in the world who I absolutely adore to no extent was kind enough to take the day off to spend with me, (I didn't even know I would be shooting that day) and I was angry that I was working (that's right people, it is a JOB) and not spending the day, literally, with her at the mall. But after many freezing hours we had made some pretty amazing images. Not only that but a dream I have had since I was a little girl might be made into a reality, very, very soon. This campaign is being considered for every major fashion magazine in the country, including, deeeeeep breath, Vogue. My bible. If I make it in between those pages I will have knocked out a life long dream at the age of 24. Cross all 10 of your fingers and toes and grow some extra ones to cross and pray and bow or whatever it is you do, because I have been fantasizing about this since I was 11 years old. So to summarize the rest, went to M.O.A finally with Ash, met up with Veronica and Paloma, spent way to much time and money on more shoes ( I have purchased 5 pairs this month, I may have a problem), ate too much, spent too much, temporary happiness is not cheap, but you can't take it with you right? Went to a show, went to a bar, talked late, slept late, expensive cab, someone(s) trying to steal our identities and our time, forced quit and restarted, tomato soup and conversation for the soul, goodnight moon.



Last night was pretty fun. Met at Ash's, went to uptown diner, shot a sweet music video, rolled down the window of the car and did a drive by kung fu punch at some jocks, accompanied by the proper sound effects of course, went dancing at the front and saw some sweet chick dancing in sunglasses and getting felt up by every dude in the joint, saw a dead dude in a car with his car running parked at the intersection, called 911 and went home. Sweet.


You sign, I sign, we all sign.

Well. Last night we signed our lease on our new apartment in a new state where we begin a new chapter of our lives. Scary, yes, exciting? Most definantly. Wednesday I buy my plane ticket. I have been avoiding it because when I look at them I can not decide what time to leave my life here behind. I have finally decided on a date, January 2nd 2008. This is something I have wanted to do since I was 11 years old. Ask my dad. I have been spouting my hatred for MN since aceabase was cool. Now it is here and I am kind of dragging my feet. In the words of the infamous Bonni Walquist; "There I go, there I go."


Pals and food. To bad Cher couldn't make it.

Yeah that is me with the bug eyes. I look like that all the time. Do you have a problem with that? Cause I don't. Some good laughs, some pretty decent food and some douche Sarah was eyeballing. She must have been wasted. Fun Cher fact; I once worked at an Italian restaurant in St. Paul, many moons ago. On opening night Cher happened to be in town for yet another "goodbye" concert where the tickets were like $200.00 for the 189th row. Sold out of course. The night she arrived she called MY RESTAURANT to make reservations for the evening of the grand opening. She wanted to come posse deep, of course, I am sure her entourage consisted of 15 flamers and a tranny downy midge. Well we happened to be booked for the night and my friends, they did the unimaginable, THEY TURNED CHER AWAY! Can you believe it? I couldn't. I think that's why I up and left on them a couple of months later. I couldn't get over the fact that I could have met the queen. Maybe showed her a little hair flip and lip lick I had been working on since freshman year in high school. those fuckers. I gave them the big ol' bird for Miss Cher. Don't you worry girl, I've got your back!

Cher clip of the day.


Yes, yes and yes.

Did you know that Cher's daughter is a lesbian? Big surprise. I am surprised she doesn't have a big gay queen of a son too. That looks and dresses just like her in Cher drag down at the 90's. That would be awesome. Check out the fashions, I have already purchased all of these looks so don't even try.