la dolce vita.


Takin it to the next level.

Always have wanted some sort of musical career, I think we all have, it's one of those quintessential human dreams. Some of us actually have musical talent, not me, that's fo sho, but luckily I was born into an age of technology. I can just rip off other people's creativity and live vicariously through their music, which is exactly what I plan to do. The next 3 months will be spent in training, then let the mayhem begin. A little toenail told me something about a band, you turds better get going on that, we've got a world tour to plan.


i aint got no fucking computer or disconnected and FUCKED.

Dudesons. Don't ever let a cabbie drop your laptop in the middle of the street. My life line has been severed and seared. I feel like I may never know the joys of a screen larger then 3". I am writing this via crackberry, things have gotten way out of hand, it's like I'm down in a foxhole and everytime I pop my head up to see if the coast is clear some jackass hurls a cockroach at me or a snoring pig that they keep refering to as a "dog". The way I see it and my sanity (or the tiny shread left of it) relies on this statement, "the darkest hour comes just before the dawn". It better be or the people with the white velcro shoes on are going to have to store me where ever they keep the guy on bedford who doesn't wear pants, but always has bunny slippers on and at least 3 purses. Pray for me people, it's getting really dark in brooklyn, like donnie darko rabbit guy dark.