la dolce vita.


3 bevs, 2 orange slices and a ciggy.

Yes people, I am working PART TIME at a restaurant again.. This is totally different though, I swear.. It's Korean..Yeah I'm being facetious, here I am again at a motherluvin asian joint.. Kinda funny though, I always end up working in these places, which further cements my belief that I am secretly crasian. I don't mind so much, the owner is a pal of mine and I'm having a pretty rad time wiping the floor with his sorry staff. For now its fun, when it gets boring (which it probably will, we all know how I operate) I'll leave. Go work at a nail salon or somethin. Anyways, I'm just sitting in the restaurant, it's completely empty, has been since we opened. It is 80 degrees here in good ol' B-land. I don't really give 2 shits,I get to geek out on the Internet, get payed some sweet dough under the table, blast some jams and see how many different beverages I can manage to consume in 5 hours. So far we have a diet coke, a bottle of water, a ginger ale, waiting on a sweet french press as I write this and thinkin about some grapefruit juice. We have really great dishes and cups which thrills me to no end. I get all worked up about brewing my tiny little french press and drinking it out of my adorable little cup with matching saucer. Not to mention one of my fellow asianites just hooked up some hella tight orange slices in a sleek little bowl. Windows open, warm sunny breeze ruffling my rat tail (yup totally growin that shit, can we talk about fucking sweetness? oh and getting steps shaved in next week from my pal ed over at hair metal,double fuckin sweetness) ahh the simple pleasures, is there anything more alluring in life? I think not. Except maybe pizza... hmmm.


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missing you so hard right now.