la dolce vita.


3 parties, 1 night, 1 person.

Lost my digi.. FFFFUUUUCCCKKKKKKK!!!!! Someone stole it at the 2nd club. Assholes. So if anyone wants to donate money or a digital camera to the Stacy Shannon fund please feel very free!! Oh well I had an amazing time. I am meeting so many new people. 1 in particular.. Oh and did I mention I met the DONALD earlier that day? Oh yeah, thats me on the big screen. HAHA! so freaking weird.


Another day at the crazy ranch or what the fuck do I do with a day off?

I had the day off and almost bored myself to tears. When you are in a new city it is exciting but at the same time difficult. When you live some where on your days off you have certain things you like to do and certain places you like to go. I know what your thinking, your in a new city! get off your boney ass and go explore! But sometimes you just want an ol' reliable and comfortable experience, especially when most of your days leave you feeling like your head has been ripped off your body, thrown into orbit and then reattached, sometimes backwards. And let me say this, there is really only so much chilling you can do by the pool, I am not quite there yet, but I can feel it sneaking up on me like a bad memory. Does that even make any sense? No? Well to damn bad this is my godamn blog and I will say whatever goobldee gook nonsense i want! Yeah and i won't make some of my i's uppercase and spell things wrong, YEAH!! I can say I am getting some fantastic reading in on all of my obscenly long busrides and on the off chance I actually have a moment to myself at home without one of my crazy (I mean that in the most endearing way if any of you are reading this, hehe..) ass skeletor roomates whipping up some sickly green goo in the blender or bitching about their nonexsistent muffin top, I actually have started to do a little yoga. I emphasize the word little because after about 20 minutes I feel like I might actually die of boredom, but I am getting there. Tonight my non-model roomate and I will be partcipating in a most holy ceremony, a Rambo/chinese food marathon to prepare for the opening tomorrow. I believe it will be a very entertaining evening given the circumstances. I always have a good time eating chinese food + the added bonus of Rambo movies + pissing off the holocaust camp I currently reside with will be giving me the evil eye for a good couple of hours. haha, can't wait to see there faces when I call up the crazy ass asian dude that yells at me everytime I start my order with " YOU MUS ODA TWENTY FI DOLLA ODA FO DELIVEWY!!!" Which I love to respond with " YEAH DUDE I KNOW I AM NOT FUCKING DONE YET." I love that guy, he is so predictable. Anyways tomorrow I will be going on a mission to find the local library and hopfully a wireless connection since apparently places in this part of miami don't think providing wifi is important. so I can finally start to post some of the photos I have been taking. Love you guys, keep it real up in coldass fuckapolis. Oh and I wanted to give a shout out to Tucker good luck with the show, I know it will be amazing!


The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho

"What you still need to know is this: before a dream is realized, the soul of the world tests everything that was learnd along the way. It does this not because it is evil, but so we can, in addition to realizing our dreams, master the lessons we've learned as we've moved toward that dream. That's the point at which most people give up. It's the point at which, as we say in the language of the desert, one 'dies of thirst just when the palm trees have apeared on the horizon.'
"every search begins with beginner's luck. And every search ends with the victor's being severly tested."

It is said that the darkest hour of night came just before the dawn.


I'm saving myself for the J.C

Florida has everglades. Everglades have fire ants. Fire ants bite, escpecially when your standing on their house in a 5 inch stiletto wearing close to nothing. Learned that the hard way. Ouch. Things are starting to settle here, which is good. I am still busier then I have ever been in my entire life but I kinda get the feeling I better get used to it, and it is a good thing. Took the metrorail for the first time a couple of days ago, not as sketchy as I thought. Which is great because this city is alot more spread out then I thought and I really don't want to buy a car. I am learning to stop saying excuse me, thank you, sorry, no thank you and all other manners here in Florida because apparently these people don't believe in that sort of behavior here, you say something like that to someone here and they look at you like you just told them you want to rape their mother. Also I think they should put up signs warning drivers to watch for flying pedestrians in all of sobe. These people come flying out into the street like someone put a stick of dynamite up their ass. It is insane, I think they might be trying to get hit because I can see no other reason why you would play chicken with 15 cars just to cross the street to get to pub-lix 5 seconds before the crosswalk light comes on. Other then that everything is lovely here. It's green everywhere and I am currently sitting out on my balcony typing this, the sun is shining and it is 76' at 10 AM. Forecast for the rest of the week calls for more sun and no joke, a perfect 80' everyday. No complaints. I am sleeping all night without the aid of my soon to be exbff, ambien, breathing a little bit deeper and smiling a little bit more. Sorry pals, I love you to death but... I am NEVER moving back. When you come see me I think you might feel the same way. Munz, ask ash for my email. till next time....


yeah, its time.

Time to grow. Time to move on. Time to stop being angry. Time to stop being confused. Time to meet someone new. Time to stop thinking about you. Time to stop caring about this. Time to walk away. Time to celebrate. Time to be happy. Time to be relieved. Time to go. This time I am gone. This time I am done. There won't be a next time. Not this time.


The real fake life.

So posts are probably going to be few and far between for a little bit longer, full of typos and make little or no sense. Moving to Miami is like moving into a fairytale land. I live in a dope condo in one of the richest neighborhoods in the city, I am about to sign a 2 year worldwide contract with the agency that reps charlize theron and catherine zeta-jones, the ocean is right outside my door and I make obscene amounts of money and don't have to use my brain for more then 5 minutes a day. I am not saying I have a damn thing to complain about and I am not, but at the same time.... Ahh I don't know. It's just weird. It is all happening so freaking fast I feel like my head is actually spinning. I am so grateful for everything I have. I can actually say my life is perfect right now, that has never happened for as long as I have lived. Only thing is, I miss my friends at home already. It's not the same without the people you love. I just want to give a shout out to the people who matter to me and remind them that I am thinking of them always. You know who you guys are. I miss you you like crazy already, come see me soon. Photos soon to come. interesting posts as well. Promise. As soon as I get settled here in lala land. As they like to say here ( all the fucking time), chao.