la dolce vita.


3 parties, 1 night, 1 person.

Lost my digi.. FFFFUUUUCCCKKKKKKK!!!!! Someone stole it at the 2nd club. Assholes. So if anyone wants to donate money or a digital camera to the Stacy Shannon fund please feel very free!! Oh well I had an amazing time. I am meeting so many new people. 1 in particular.. Oh and did I mention I met the DONALD earlier that day? Oh yeah, thats me on the big screen. HAHA! so freaking weird.


Extreme Ash said...

So hot right now. And I mean so hot.

jawsthemesam said...

do you have lederhosen on in the photo with mr trump. or however you spell that funny german costume

ledare said...

Yup I sure do my very good friend. I told you I live in fake life land.