la dolce vita.


I'm saving myself for the J.C

Florida has everglades. Everglades have fire ants. Fire ants bite, escpecially when your standing on their house in a 5 inch stiletto wearing close to nothing. Learned that the hard way. Ouch. Things are starting to settle here, which is good. I am still busier then I have ever been in my entire life but I kinda get the feeling I better get used to it, and it is a good thing. Took the metrorail for the first time a couple of days ago, not as sketchy as I thought. Which is great because this city is alot more spread out then I thought and I really don't want to buy a car. I am learning to stop saying excuse me, thank you, sorry, no thank you and all other manners here in Florida because apparently these people don't believe in that sort of behavior here, you say something like that to someone here and they look at you like you just told them you want to rape their mother. Also I think they should put up signs warning drivers to watch for flying pedestrians in all of sobe. These people come flying out into the street like someone put a stick of dynamite up their ass. It is insane, I think they might be trying to get hit because I can see no other reason why you would play chicken with 15 cars just to cross the street to get to pub-lix 5 seconds before the crosswalk light comes on. Other then that everything is lovely here. It's green everywhere and I am currently sitting out on my balcony typing this, the sun is shining and it is 76' at 10 AM. Forecast for the rest of the week calls for more sun and no joke, a perfect 80' everyday. No complaints. I am sleeping all night without the aid of my soon to be exbff, ambien, breathing a little bit deeper and smiling a little bit more. Sorry pals, I love you to death but... I am NEVER moving back. When you come see me I think you might feel the same way. Munz, ask ash for my email. till next time....


Munzenrider said...

Dear Boots,

While I need to actually call you and put an end to this fixation on typing every time I need to communicate, I'll do so and not look back, not once; not this time at least. Ash is out of continent and she isn't going to be giving me an addy so just lemme have it.

With that said, your loyal reader finds everything enviable, and I miss you even more than I knew I would. Barring your email addy, which I said I wanted though I should call too, I'll jump along and call you eventually.

Trying to reread all I've got is a prompt to actually call you. I'm redundant, but I miss you. As much as anything 612 on your phone makes you thank yourself for moving, answer it because it's me.


Extreme Ash said...

I can't read this at work because between the two of you it makes me cry. I miss you. It's that simple. I can't believe I'm home and I can't call you and hang out tonight.