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Learning to give a little and hotdogs.

Ray Johnson and generosity. Do these topics have anything common? Probably not, but they have been on my mind for a while now. I could go in to great detail about them both but for the sake of time, I will keep it brief and let the photos do the speaking for me. Ray once hired a helicopter to fly over Rikers island so he could drop 60 foot long hot dogs out of it, he had been drawing feet for sometime and some how managed to link the two, the people on the ground actually ate them and he sent the bill for the wiener's and the helicopter to his art dealer. Makes you smile doesn't it? If you are reading this blog I will assume that your not standing out in the cold begging for change or sleeping in a doorway starving to death. In that case why don't you donate a little time, money or food to someone who is? We all have a whole lot more then we really need so why don't we give a little to someone who has nothing. Forget the judgement you feel in your heart and learn to give freely, no questions asked, I promise you won't remember that dollar bill you handed the homeless man on the corner, but you might remember the smile and genuine gratuity that he gave you in return.

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Extreme Ash said...

something simple you can do...give a "charity gift card" to friends/family for christmas. You give the gift card and the recipient gets to decide which charity/non-profit organization he/she will donate the money to. Simple. Easy. Kind.