la dolce vita.


Durka durka all night long.

Yes there was some serious dancing and some sort of dance line was formed, I managed to get shoved in.

Good party dude. Mike I mean " BBBAAATTTCCCHHH!"

Thats not him but my old buddy Drew was woeking on this throughout the night. I hate you, your really freaking talented.

Saw this chick, had a few laughs, well more then a few.

Dude I told you this chick is crazy.

Then this dude says "oh I cant come to your going away party, I am going to be too busy in LONDON." Yeah whateves, see ya in Maz sucker.

The more he drinks the more he sounds like he is from south boston, I am on to you man, I mean Matt Damon. Speaking of which..

Saw this lady too. She always looks so cute!
Courtney always has a smile for everybody, you should check it out.

8pm until 5am.. Not really my usual gig but every now and then you gotta shake it up a little right? Besides I wanted to see if I could keep up with miss Ryan for one night, I thought I blew her out of the water until at 5am when I was dropping off the peeps she turns to me and says "you wanna come in for awhile?" Whoa, this chick is hard core.

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Extreme Ash said...

Oh god...when too much is not enough.