la dolce vita.


Pals and food. To bad Cher couldn't make it.

Yeah that is me with the bug eyes. I look like that all the time. Do you have a problem with that? Cause I don't. Some good laughs, some pretty decent food and some douche Sarah was eyeballing. She must have been wasted. Fun Cher fact; I once worked at an Italian restaurant in St. Paul, many moons ago. On opening night Cher happened to be in town for yet another "goodbye" concert where the tickets were like $200.00 for the 189th row. Sold out of course. The night she arrived she called MY RESTAURANT to make reservations for the evening of the grand opening. She wanted to come posse deep, of course, I am sure her entourage consisted of 15 flamers and a tranny downy midge. Well we happened to be booked for the night and my friends, they did the unimaginable, THEY TURNED CHER AWAY! Can you believe it? I couldn't. I think that's why I up and left on them a couple of months later. I couldn't get over the fact that I could have met the queen. Maybe showed her a little hair flip and lip lick I had been working on since freshman year in high school. those fuckers. I gave them the big ol' bird for Miss Cher. Don't you worry girl, I've got your back!


Extreme Ash said...

That guy was a a thirteen year old douche...ugh.

jawsthemesam said...

a TRANNY downy mig? thats puts a whole new spin on this elusive creature... interesting, very intersting.