la dolce vita.


this that and the other thing.

Keeping it real down here in warmtown u.s.a. Well duh. Booked a German editorial. Super rad. Lovin every second of my life, except for this gnarly upper respitory infection I got goin on, spent way to much time in urgent care yesterday, luckily after much much to much time and one blasphemous doctor telling me I need glasses, i got dome killer antibiotics, which is a real good thing cause I didn't want to miss out on the fun last night. I for sure didn't. Art show, o asian and dancin at Set. Hung out with alot of cool peeps, one in particular.. Love it here, man....

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Extreme Ash said...

god...that sounds so boring. jeez. life must totally suck down there, I mean - I totally bet you are so sick of it. yeah.