la dolce vita.


This fool's in love again

I have had this on and off relationship for most of my life now. Twists and turns, ups and downs, love and hate. I think most people will be able to relate to this drama. No I am not talking about a person, I feel this may be something far more personal then that, I am talking about my love affair with music. It has been my constant companion through the worst times of my life and the best. Sometimes it serves as a reminder of the past, good or bad, a glimpse of the future, dreams not yet recognized. Yes I have started this stormy relationship, yet again. These past couple of weeks it has served as a lifeline and supportive friend. I missed this aching feeling for awhile, I thought music and I had hit rock bottom and the chances for recovery were way to slim to even consider starting over, but alas, as it always does, it gathered strength and came thundering back into my life, it always does, I have no idea why I ever doubted it. The most unusual things happen now, I will wake up with a song in my head I haven't heard in years or I will just put a pillow down in the middle of the floor, hit shuffle on ole Flounbard (my ipod) and just lay for hours absorbing as much music as I can before the stampede comes rolling through the door. It is always so exciting to get back together, I hope music doesn't disappoint me again this time.


Extreme Ash said...

dude. I totally know what you slips away and then comes back - it's elusive like that.

love(antonym) said...

Why is your ipod named flounbard?

Tyler Durden said... have no idea should let me make you a mix....lots of good things on the horizon...looks like you are doing just fine out of this shithole