la dolce vita.


Dan Stiles

I think at one point or another we all rack our brains while at our jobs and wonder what else we could be doing to earn our measly living or just pass the time with more ease. I don't hate my job, in fact I usually really enjoy it, I just like to have 6 million thoughts and ideas whirling around my brain at any given time. So one day while talking on the phone, researching cognac blended cocktail trends for Singapore, ichatting, taking notes, eating an apple and flipping through Australian Vogue I came across an article that caught my attention. (I swear my A.D.D is under control, totally under control) It was about rock concert posters, specifically super fantastic I wanna be THAT band so someone can make ME that poster, posters. Or why doesn't my mind work like that so I can make the raddest rock posters of all time for a living, posters. Either way, I am just excited they exist. Alas I have become somewhat obsessed, I must have these posters, I must have them YESTERDAY. Then I said, I wanna steal Dan Stiles and pull a "misery" on him. then I thought I could force him to make a poster for every band I love, just for me!! Then I started thinking about Pad Thai and rabbits smoking misty 120's.

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