la dolce vita.


See this movie.

The first time I tried to see this movie I was killin sometime at Barnes and Noble in union square waitin for ma man and I ran into a dude who I went on one date with, never called him again, awkward.. Even more awkward was the fact that he was doing the same exact thing as me, except for the boyfriend part, I guess I don't really know if he swings both ways but.. So then my duder calls and says we aren't gonna make the movie, phew, weirdness avoided.. Or so I thought. Finally went to see it last night and some peeps that are friends with the people him and I used to date sat right behind us.. Uh oh. See no one really knows we are together.. Trying to avoid that whole dramatic I dated your friend, you dated my friend, now your dating each other, you shouldn't do that bullshit. ah well, besides being completely conscious of them sitting behind us the whole time, the movie was rad, but who could expect any less from the wonderfully weird Cohen brothers? They wrote Brad Pitt's part specifically for him and weren't going to do the movie unless he excepted, and let me tell you, he is fucking hilarious. Go see this shit, like tonight, especially you Tucker, you need a little funny right now. Chin up Charlie.


love(antonym) said...

wow, maybe you should move to a bigger town.

ledare said...

haha, right? I have been thinkn the same, like Tokyo or some shit.