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So my good friend over at inspired me to take the lazy, I have been staring at this damn screen for too long, approach to blogging. I think this might be the way of the future, I mean after all isn't that what our society has become anyways? Nobody has time, not even to put chips in a baggie rather then using a bunch of extra packaging so we don't have to waste those precious seconds, I could rattle off a bunch of other prime examples, but like I said, I am a lazy bitch. So here is my list.

Shitty Music.
Shitty clubs.
Shitty men.
Shitty drinks.
Missing friends.
Missing love.
Missing tum rup thai.
Loving the weather.
Loving the movie Penelope.
Loving myself.
Hating myself.
Hating people.
hating on.
Regretting leaving someone.
Regretting not leaving someone.
Regretting cutting my hair.
Liking 90210.
Liking food delivery.
Liking Jaritto's, the mandarin flavor.

So that about sums it up. I'm gonna call up the chinese guy who works at the mexican joint to fire me up some french fries and a burrito, watch 90210 and go spin at a party that originally excited me and now I don't even want to attend.

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