la dolce vita.


Let the photos do the talking.

Dude I miss my friends. A lot. This post was just going to be a collage of stuff and before I knew what was happening all the stuff I was pulling up was photos of the people in my life, some past, most present and maybe 1 future.. I teared up a little and decided to stop at this. There is so much more.. So many people I love or really like in this world. Thanks guys for being a part of my life and making memories with me. It's not about where you are or how much money you have, it's the people your with. Love you all. Thinking of you always.


bona roba said...

Do you remember when we went to the casino and you were playing nickel slots and your machine malfunctioned. It said it had a "long coin". I've been saying "long coin" as slang lately. Example...Some one asks, "Do you wanna play trivial pursuit?" I would say, "that game takes 'long coin'" (like it takes a long time so I don't want to). just comes out..and I think it's funny...and it makes me think of you.

Extreme Ash said...

How did northeast "Freedom" bar crawl escape my thoughts for even a day! I won't let it happen again. I really need to be working right now...but all I can do is sit here and miss you.