la dolce vita.


Stuff I'm sooo loving right now..

This list is in no particular order of interest. Frankly I don't really want to take the time to explain all of it. I've got some charity event to go to and I've gotta go buy a dress. Apparently to fight hunger for children you have to eat a lot of food from expensive restaurants and you can not be wearing black while doing it. I know, it makes perfect sense. Taste of the nation fights hunger, by feeding a bunch of rich people food they can already afford and oppresses black clothing, it is all for the hungry kids!!!! Whatever, it's going to be delicious and hilarious. Seeing as though I have a mowhawk complete with rat tail and steps. No black clothes rule this year, no funny haircuts next time? Anyways on to the goods. I love my friends. I hate Paris Hilton, apparently so does the whole world. B.B.C (2 of us) biked to Lucky Chan's for some antics sunday night. Cloud cult rules. This photo of a dude pissing actually happened, my good friend Claire witnessed it. Get this, these 2 guido's pulled up outside of Antik at like 2 am, 1 jumped out proceeded to kick over a garbage can, pissed on it, all the while the other one in the car was burning rubber and bumping some shitty rap music.. What I would have given to see it in real life.. My god, I could have died and been happy.. Some sweet style photos and ummm.. I dunno. I think that's it for now.. I'm gonna go get fat in the name of fighting hunger for children!! Maybe M.J will be there fighting hunger by wearing a sweet prosthetic nose and grabbing his crotch alot, that would be just as helpful.

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Extreme Ash said...

dude, I keep telling you that your life looks so boring.