la dolce vita.


Something sad, something rad.

After much careful thought and consideration, I have decided to make this week, December 4Th- December 11Th, Cher appreciation week. I began my day as usual, lulling around in my bed, wondering how much time I could squeeze out of my day to stay under the covers and not have to face the arctic blast I was sure to receive upon stepping out of my warm cocoon of blankets and pillows. While I laid there, ignoring the incessant beeping of my phone every 5 minutes, I started to let my mind drift in and out of consciousness.. I began to think of swinging black hair, strange facial expressions, a crotch bucket and a navy ship. Oh my god. Cher. Love her. In all of her ridiculousness. So I decided it is only fitting that I dedicate my blog to her this week. And there is really no other way to kick this off then by showing you a song that always seems to present itself, in all of its awesome glory, on or around my birthday. Usually this presentation involves a bottle of wine, a couple of good friends, a few tears and my inconceivably bad Cher voice. I think this will most defiantly be my Halloween costume for next year, it is about time.

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