la dolce vita.


Holy hell.

So I have been going through my box's of "stuff" in the basement and came up with some pretty amazing gems. You know "the stuff". The things you can't seem to get rid of for sentimental reasons, even though they take you an extra hour of moving time and you only look at it maybe once every 3 years? So glad I keep hauling my "stuff" from one place to the next. I happened upon this treasure and laughed my ass off for a good 5 minutes. The item I am speaking of happens to be a top ten list of things to say to losers at warp tour circa 1996. Fucking awesome. It was composed by myself and a very dear friend of mine named Ambra Markos. Complete with illustrations and side notes, I will hold this close to my heart for all eternity. I thought I might post the whole damn thing and really air our evil dirty laundry, but in the end decided against it. Somethings are just to cool for anyone besides you and your previous H.L.M to understand. But I thought I might give you all a little taste of what went on in the minds of 13 year old wannabe rockercoolsk8erlovin chics. (Yeah, we said sk8 then..)

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