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The downfall of american fashion magazines

OK. So I know that since the reign of the supermodel in the late 80's - mid 90's American fashion mags have been putting movie stars and other types of celebrities on covers. I know it is because they are trying to reach a broader audience since most dim-wit Americans wouldn't know a model unless she kneed them in the face with her 9 foot long leg. I also know that world famous supermodels are kind of a thing of the past, which is really tragic, but for Christ sakes, STOP PUTTING JESSICA SIMPSON ON THE COVER OF FASHION MAGAZINES!!!!! I am so tired of reaching into my mail box each month to extract a so called ''fashion bible'' with that bucked toothed beaver smiling up at me like she just ate the best piece of country fried chicken! What the hell does she have to do with fashion? What does she have to do with culture and art? A whole lot of nothing, that's what. I guess my main question to these editors that choose people like her or say, fucking crazy ass Lindsey Lohan is, who exactly are you trying to get to read this periodical? Some pimply faced, flared jeans wearing, MTV worshipping, 15 year old Walmart shopper? This isn't US weekly people. I don't think celebrities belong on the cover of fashion magazines unless, they actually have something POSITIVE to do with fashion. Like Ms. Paltrow. You can put her on the cover of vogue 6 months out of the year for all I care, she knows fashion, she has impeccable taste, and the people that should be reading and understand fashion magazines respect her, even worship her. Sure we might get a little taste here in there of actual models on the covers, but it is usually someone like Gisele, who only became a household name after becoming a Victoria's secret vixen. Whoa! That chic has big boobs and a booty! She must be a new model! When in actuality she had been gracing the pages of vogue and walking in shows for close to 3 years before your boyfriend's drunk jock friend even knew what a Brazilian bombshell was. It just makes me tired. Slightly depressed even. That's why I began to buy European fashion magazines. Models actually have names, covers and deep breath, guest editorials!! Yet another reason to get the hell out of this country.

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