la dolce vita.


It's bbbaaaaaccckkkk...

Observe the crotch bucket in it's natural habitat. Cunning, graceful and dangerous. A true predator by nature, it takes down it's pray in one swift, simple, agile movement. This long thought extinct creature has been spotted in a N.E Minneapolis photography studio. Someone caught a brief, but everlasting glance at this stunning beast and immediately phoned in a tip to local and national media. Said person wishes to remain anonymous until the facts have been confirmed, but the one woman team over here at Ledare decided the breaking news was just to thrilling to postpone until all the angles are covered. We hope to get another chance to walk amongst the crotch buckets in this lifetime. Its up to us, if the rumors are true, to welcome this rare beauty back amongst the human race and nurture it back into existence. I urge you all to support your local crotch bucket charity. Remember, it only takes one to make a difference.

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