la dolce vita.


My interior reflection.

So it has been finalized that lucky little me will be moving to the west village, the most beautiful part of Manhattan in my personal opinion. Little coffee shops, tiny exquisite boutiques and cobble stone streets. Like a little piece of France right here in our concrete jungle. I am beyond ecstatic, I used to take the train from Brooklyn just to walk around the West village and dream about walking out of one of those gorgeous doors to go get a pastry or run down to Casa magazine to grab some fabulous design magazine to go with my lazy afternoon of tea drinking and chain smoking. How is this possible you might ask. Well I have the best boss in the world who happens to be moving from a rent controlled apartment and has offered me the chance to take over. Yes, luck happens. Thank you Eli. 2 months tops and I will be there, sauntering out my door on a sunday afternoon to have brunch with the lovely people in my life with a great big smile on my face.

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