la dolce vita.


Now I know.

I'm going home. After a grueling 10 months in NYC (I'm sure this is widely due to the current economic situation) I have decided to return to the place that so far has made me the happiest. Miami may not be for everyone, after awhile it may not even be for me, but I need to be in a place that moves slower. Time moves at the speed of light here, I feel as though I have lost the last 10 months of my life in the blink of an eye. Life is short enough, I don't need to speed it up even more. Who knows how long I will stay, as of right now I am referring to Miami as my "home base". There are a million places in the world to experience and I intend to visit/live in as many as I can. Why not? Why should I have to stay in one place? As far as I know I have the right to go and do whomever and whatever I choose, so why wouldn't I? I enjoy and thrive on the sporadic and outlandish, even if it sometimes doesn't work out, at least I will end the journey with no regrets. See you tomorrow South Beach, turn the heat and sun on high. 

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