la dolce vita.


a little bit of this and that.

A while back I had the opportunity to view some of Jefferson Hayman's work at a gallery in Soho. There must have been about 50 pieces on one wall, each one captivated me by their simple, yet haunting beauty. To be able to capture such distinct emotion in an inanimate object is a very rare talent indeed.

A little fashion never hurt anyone.

And last but not least, Halloween was last night, it was my first in New York. the general consensus seems to be that things were a bit subdued this year as far as festivities and costumes, thank the shitty economy I guess. I wasn't even going to go out and celebrate but managed to get myself in the mood at the last minute, I had an aching desire to roam the city as the infamous Edie Beale. You may know her from the 1972 documentary Grey Gardens, I have recently become quite obsessed with everything pertaining to this film. If you haven't seen it or heard about the women it pertains to you might want to get on it. My favorite duo creeped everyone out by going as the twins from the shining, they didn't stop holding hands all night, even on the train, I thought I was going to have nightmares. The brilliant Arthur Metcalf went as yip yip, one of my favorite costumes of the night. stay tuned for more candid Halloween photo's later in the week.

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