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Imaginary Christmyass..


I was thinking about how Christmas is probably going to suck ass in the gifts dept This year, giving and getting. So I came up with an idea.. What if we just gave people photos of gifts instead of the actual object? For instance merry christmyass, I got you a picture of those new limited edition Nike Mid's you wanted, sure hope they fit... In your imagination. I mean really who the hell cares, as long as you have some rad friends and/or family to chill with on big J's b-day, does anything else really matter? I don't think so. In the past year I have really learned to value the amazing people in my life and if I could have anything for that commercialized, often lonely and bitter holiday, it would just be the opportunity to hang with them. Sit around drink some shlocky box wine, eat some kraft dinner and fuckin celebrate the things that really matter. Friendship, making memories and of course laughing your ass off. If you insist that this economic crisis isn't effecting you in the least I will say this; first off your a damn lier and secondly give that money to someone less fortunate then yourself, instead of buying some dumb shit for people who probably have more then enough dumb shit to last a lifetime. Here is a little sample of my ultra awesome fake wish list, the best part of this is you can literally ask for anything you have ever wanted.

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Mary said...

Hey, let's get these en masse (I'm talkin all the sizes) and we'll be matching and make the boys lug them around on the trains for us.

Fuckin' stylin'.