la dolce vita.



Holy shit man. So the story begins like this.. Sitting in bed, 2 AM, watching my so called life on ghetto rigged laptop. Thinking something sweet sounds good, but what? I go to explore the hidden depths of the fridge looking for some sort of delicious treat to satisfy my craving.. Then, by chance, I happen upon a lone chocolate chip cookie in the freezer. "fuck yeah!" I exclaim in my head, "this cookie has been here for a while.." I convince myself, "they forgot about it for sure!" reasoning with myself that it is OK to eat this cookie, even though it belongs to my room mates. The cookie is broken, crispy and in a Ziploc bag that we don't use in this house, the kind without the zipper, we are HUGE fan's of the zipper, so convenient.. Anyhoo, I run off to my room with my supposed treasure, flip good ol' M.S.C.L back on and begin to munch. After eating it, while I was temporarily satiated, I noted the texture of the cookie, strange.. Like it didn't want to stay together, why would that be.. Well about an hour later I found out when I started giggling, thinking about cadbury eggs and doritos. this "cookie" was loaded CHUCK FULL of mother luvin HASH. SSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHIIIITTTT!!!!! I was in the 23rd dimension for a good 4 hours, not enjoying it at all. Desperate for sleep, cotton mouthed and wanting to run to the nearest deli. I finally fell asleep at 5 AM. Moral of the story? Stay away from unidentified baked goods in the freezer, they probably have massive amounts of drugs in them. Lesson learned.


typoscura said...

I think you were in Bummerville™ that whole time. Watch out, the taxes are super high there

ledare said...

Dude I think I was still stoned when I wrote that. When I told my roomie I ate his fucked up cookie his eyes got huge and he said (he is about 6'5'' 250 lbs mind you) "dude, you ate the whole thing? I could only eat a quarter at a time, you must have gotten fucked up!" I certainly did sir. NEVER AGAIN.

LCG said...

Haha, your roommates are seriously the type to have a huge ass Hash-kie in their kitchen, posing as a normal cookie.

Sorry I missed that :)