la dolce vita.


Ohhhh, now I get it..

Yeah I'm a slow one. I don't like to follow the hype really when it comes to anything, especially movies and music, which I realize can sometimes be a huge downfall of mine. I just don't want to be disappointed or even have the satisfaction of saying I told you so, since most of the time if something is supposedly that awesome, I tend to think it sucks, probably because I'm a huge a-hole. Also there is something extremely comforting in not knowing if something is as good as everyone says it is, dreaming up the possibilities of an outcome is sometimes far more enjoyable then the actuality of it. Maybe that's just me. I guess I'm not just talking about movies with that statement, but for times sake lets revert back to the purpose of this 8 AM posting. (yes I did sleep last night, I just wake up insanely early sometimes for no reason, I just try to go with it now, I assume my body knows what it needs far better then I do) So last night I finally decided to take the plunge and watch Juno for the first time, and you know what, come to think of it, when this movie was released and the world was abuzz, I really don't think that was the time for me to fully enjoy it anyways, and just to stray away slightly again, I think things come into your life at precisely the right time, whether big or small, even if they don't seem to make any sense then, they will eventually, if you take the time to analyze them with an open mind. People tend to make things into what they want or think they should be, I'm not sure if that is good or bad, I don't know if I ever will, which is something I have made peace with, for now. Ha yes, yes, back to the original subject, as you all know I have a teensy weensy attention span, which I have also come to accept. Juno is everything and possibly more, that everyone and their Too cool for school hipster friends said it was. I am bowing down and kissing the ring bitch. I can admit when I'm wrong, and you know what, I sometimes would rather be wrong, since I tend to be quite the pessimist when it comes to this stuff. I think this movie was brilliant, I think I can count on my fingers how many times I have made that statement about a movie, and to top it off, it could quite possibly be the best soundtrack I have EVER heard. Juno did annoy me slightly sometimes with her over the top "I'm a nerd because it's cool and I choose to be" witticisms and sometimes eye rolling comments, but all and all she's the kind of chick we all know one way or another, she's either one of our closest friends, or we wish she would be. Seeing this movie has actually made me excited about cinema again, which is something that has not happened since god knows when. I mean, I was super excited about Sex in the city, and yeah it was really good, but this film literally pureed, grinded, and chopped my emotions so much that I it made me feel everything at the same time, to me that is when something is truly brilliant, I think we have all been dumbed down by the lack of this standard in almost every form of entertainment. Whether it be music, movies, books, periodicals, art or whatever you like to do in your spare time, so much of it is compromised in our prepackaged for the masses world. AHHH!!! There I go again. Ok, I'm gonna stop, right now, and just end with this; I wish I had 4 hands, I would give this movie/soundtrack, 4 thumbs up. PERIOD.


Extreme Ash said...

You're like the coolest person I know and you don't even really try.

ledare said...

You must not know a lot of people. haha!

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