la dolce vita.


Takin it to the next level.

Always have wanted some sort of musical career, I think we all have, it's one of those quintessential human dreams. Some of us actually have musical talent, not me, that's fo sho, but luckily I was born into an age of technology. I can just rip off other people's creativity and live vicariously through their music, which is exactly what I plan to do. The next 3 months will be spent in training, then let the mayhem begin. A little toenail told me something about a band, you turds better get going on that, we've got a world tour to plan.


platinumseagulls said...

What's the DJ name? We'll chat, I can totally help you. It's gotta be vulgar!

jawsthemesam said...

dj pete sampras! done!