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Fall 2007- Black is the new black..

So I woke up today thinking about fall fashion and if I actually had any money what I would buy... After an excruciatingly long search I came up with a few ditties for your viewing pleasure. Also if you happen to be one of those lucky folks with a autumn/winter shopping budget I suggest you move that ass on down to the shops and start purchasing the must haves or like a certain someone I know says " your blowing it."

Must haves for fall

1. Black wide leg trousers. Givenchy (photo) makes a pretty decent pair I would say.

2. Black stove pipe trousers. Elie Tahari (photo) rocked my world with these little darlings.

3. Beret. Any color will work especially if you are wearing all black, which tends to be my uniform, all black with a splash of color. Ralph Lauren's (photo) version is a perfect classic option.

4. Demi shoe boot. School girl meets refined lady. I picked these babies up from urban outfitters (photo) for a pittance, otherwise Burberry Prorsum makes a pretty bad ass pair in patented leather.

5. Slim blazer. Again and again this keeps coming back, but this year since douche bags aren't wearing them with flared jeans anymore, I find them extremely sexy. Especially when paired with a sweater and/or skinny jeans. Burberry Prorsum (photo) came up with this gem. Otherwise check your local vintage store. Remember well cut men's wear for women is a must for this season.

6. Versatile leather bag. Every woman knows that owning a bag large enough to carry your life in is a requirment now days. During the cold months you need something that is going to stand up to the elements. Miu Miu (photo) is making the bag of the moment, this bag is absolutely perfect in every way... So if anybody wants to get it for me..... I would love the magenta one....

7. Tights. Especially wool. Bright colors. Now you have an excuse to go to sox appeal. I never thought I would say that.

8. Vintage mini leather jacket. Make sure its soft, pliable and slim fit. A good leather jacket will last you year after year, just make sure to keep it classic.

Well thats that. Remember, fall is the best season for fashion don't let it pass you by in a hoodie and jeans. I also add a few photos of pieces that I hope will inspire you as much as they did me.

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